We will have a Battery to suit your needs

IBD Range

IBD have our very own range of automotive, 4WD, truck and tractor, marine and deep cycle batteries to satisfy your budget and battery needs. IBD specialises in a range of fields in the battery industry, such as...Calcium / Calcium maintenance free batteries to suit cars, 4X4, trucks & tractors. Specialising in hard to find batteries - we stock the biggest range available. Huge range of quality automotive batteries - dry charged and calcium hybrid. True deep cycle batteries for all needs - 2V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V. Marine Calcium / Calcium maintenance free range.Traction and industrial batteries including a servicing division with on-site service. Sealed lead acid, AGM and gel batteries for alarms, UPS systems, golf buggies, mobility scooters and emergency lighting. Loco, houseboat and remote power batteries made to order.

Power Plus - Budget Range

The Power Plus brand is our entry level brand. With a selected range to suit common vehicles and trucks, is it the perfect battery for the budget conscious.

Power 2000 - Lead Acid

- Superior cranking power. - Up to 24 Months Nationwide warranty. - Accessible hybrid design.Our Power 2000 Range combines the latest in calcium hybrid technology along with easy access fill caps. Power 2000 range will provide good cranking amps and offer mild cycling use and designed for customers that prefer to maintain their own battery. Hybrid design antimonial alloy positive plates and calcium alloy negative plates are designed for harsh climatic and road conditions of Australia. The Hybrid design is less prone to corrosion and loss of active material. And antimonial allows battery to be readily re-charged.

Platinum Power 2000 - Calcium

-Superior cranking power. -Up to 36 month nationwide warranty. -Sealed Maintenance free design.The expanded grid technology use calcium positive and negative plates proved superior grid strength and greater resistance to corrosion. Stronger protection against heat over-charging and minimal gassing and water loss, with low self discharge rate with higher CCA and reserve capacity it is truly a maintenance free battery.- Please check correct fitment - Listings below are just a guide & Image for Illustration Purposes Only

Platinum Marine King

With all the advantages of the Platinum Power 2000 battery along with higher specifications and more active material and acid retention capabilities allowing for more power and much longer lasting marine battery. With high CCA's and reserve capacity and vibration resistance you know you will return home safely.

EB200  EB200

The Cycle King EB200

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EB87  EB87

The Cycle King EB87

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EB70Z  EB70Z

The Cycle King EB70Z

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EB50Z  EB50Z

The Cycle King EB50Z

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EB50  EB50

The Cycle King EB50

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EB39  EB39

The Cycle King EB39

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EB12D  EB12D

The Cycle King EB12D...

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The Power Plus NS54EMF - suited to later model Holden Commodores and smaller Hyundai vehicles.

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55D23LEMF  55D23LEMF

The Power Plus 55D23LEMF - suited to common Toyota and Mazda vehicles

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The Power Plus NS50EFEMF - Suited to the later model Ford Falcon and Territory.

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The NS51EMF - suited to early Ford models.

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The Power Plus NS50EMF - suited to early Holdens.

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The Power Plus DIN66EMF - suited to popular European vehicles.

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The Power Plus DIN55EMF - suited to popular European vehicles.

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