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IBD are Australia's leading independent distributor of high quality batteries, proudly stocking one of the largest ranges of automotive, motorcycle, and auxiliary batteries within Australia. We have a dealer network that extends throughout major cities and rural Australia, supporting both the wholesale market and general public. IBD can offer same day delivery to respective local trade customers, as well as next day freight deliveries for our country trade customers.

At IBD we pride ourselves on our customer service. We are always looking to fulfill the needs of your battery and / or accessory requirements. Whether you're a retail customer, or a trade customer looking for a battery supplier feel free to contact any of our 7 branches.

Choosing the Right Battery -

A number of changes have taken place in recent years to design of modern motor vehicle and the need for increased electrical power requirements. Twenty years ago the average Ford or Holden had about ten electrical appliances including headlights. Vehicles of today, can have as many as one hundred some of which stay activated after the ignition switch has been turned off (eg. car alarms & dashboard clocks). For this reason, it is essential to understand that the battery manufacturers design and make Batteries of differing capacity, each suited to different applications.

Some vehicles are fitted with either AGM or calcium maintenance - free batteries. These applications should be replaced only with the same maintenance - free battery, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt).

As an easy guide, if your vehicle fits into one or more of the following points, then you should always use a heavy duty battery.

  1. Driven at night more than usual.
  2. Fitted with a mobile phone or two - way radios, etc.
  3. Fitted with Large stereo system or driving Spot/Flood lights.
  4. Powered by diesel or other alternate fuel such as LPG.
  5. Used for commercial purposes.
  6. Operated in cold climates.
  7. Installation in camper/caravans, we advise the use of AGM.

If in doubt, ask your IBD representative to suggest the right battery for your application.

Please note Images may be for Illustration Purpose only & Information on Correct Fitment is based on our years of experience and should be taken as a guide only.

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